While going through an old chest in my grandfather's basement, I discovered this hand-written letter with a leather pouch containing a a tuft of hair tied in a string.  It has become one of my most prized possessions.  RjZ
Little Sorrel
This lock of hair was cut from the tail of "Little Sorrel" who was ridden by "Stonewall Jackson" when he was mortally wounded at Chancellorsville May 10th 1863. I stood by the man while he cut it off, then he handed it to me with strictest injunction not to speak to anyone of it. About 40 yrs after I recalled its hiding place in the back of an old ambrotype. "Little Sorrel" was taken by a circuitous route to the place of destination to keep from being recognized.
A "border girl" of the sixties, living on the battlefield in the Valley of Virginia.
Mrs. J. H. Grabill

Little Sorrel ultimately became one of the most famous steeds of the Civil War.  He has been immortalized in bronze and is preserved in entirety at the Virginia Military Institute.

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